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Hua Gen Fall 2022 course registration is open now!

Please read carefully the process before registration

华根中文学校2022 秋季学期注册即将开始,欢迎注册。

秋季学期为实体课,上课时间在周日下午,地点为Oak hall school.

The classes will be on Sunday afternoon, at Oak hall school. Please check the schedule page for details later.


Chinese class textbooks are available online now, click here for the link.

We will have mobile app for registration this year!

Huagen Chinese School registration App can be downloaded and used by parents to manage accounts, enrollments, make payments and more!

How to Get the App

To download the app, please go to either Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS devices). Once there, search for “The iClassPro App”, download and install it.

Or you can click the link below to download directly.

Android iOS

Using the App

When first launching the app, parents will be prompted to enter the name (HuagenSchool) and click SUBMIT.


Registration instructions:

  1. 8月7日上午10点开放网络注册,8月14日, 21日现场注册。 After Aug 7th at 10 am, online registration will begin. On-site registration will be on Aug. 14th and Aug. 21st.

  2. 首次使用请先创建用户(Create Account),按照步骤录入信息并提交。注册中务必录入常用email,这是中文学校和您联系的最快捷方式,所有的选课信息都会通过这个邮件地址发送。 The first-time users, please select "Create Account" on this website, and enter and submit your information. Make sure you submit your commonly used email, as this is our most prioritized way of contacting you, and the class schedules will be sent through email.

  3. 往届学生中文课请按照上学期老师姓名选择班级。For old students, when choosing the grade level, choose the teacher that the child had last year.

  4. 注册后添加学生,一个注册用户可以有多个学生。 添加学生后,可根据提示为每位学生选课。 After creating the account, you can add students to your account. You can add more than one student per account. After adding the student, you can add classes to the student.

  5. 按照网站提示操作,选课中使用页面中的Class Filters可以快速查找需要的课程。 Follow the instructions on the website, and to find classes faster, you can use the class filters.

  6. 选定课程将加入购物车,只有付款成功,才是选课完毕。Only after you add the classes to your cart, and pay, will you finish registering.

  7. 开学两周内,可以改课或取消选课。家长可登录网络账号,发送改课请求,1-2个工作日内会得到回复。 8月21日后,将不能改课。You can change your classes for up to 2 weeks after you finish registering by submitting a transfer or drop request. The deadline for class adjustment is Aug. 21st.

  8. 中文课费用$240,活动课每节$120。本学期课程没有折扣。Tuition and fees for each student are $240 for Chinese classes, $120 for Activity class. There are no tuition discounts applied to Fall 2022.

  9. 付款时可选择使用信用卡或者账户内credit付款。付款界面见下图。For payment, we accept credit cards or credits on your account.

  10. 付款时任何疑问,请联系。 Any questions, please email us at

  11. 逾期付款学校会收取30元late fee。 There will be a late fee of up to 30 dollars for the past due.