• 华根中文2019班级流动书箱设计大赛Best Design for Portable Class Library Competition Best Design for Portable Class Library Competition Huagen Chinese School is hosting a bookcase designing contest open to all classes! Create the best design for a bookcase together as a class for a chance to win a class party! The winning class will have a party on May 4. Deadline The deadline to enter is March 16. Winners will be announced by Principal Dai on March 23. Rules 1.    Make sure designs are appropriate and positive. 2.    All designs must be original. 3.    Digital designs are allowed. 4.    If there is any plagiarism or the copying of someone else’s work, the design will be automatically disqualified. 5.    Submit design by March 16 3:30 to room 20 or email ...
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  • Hua Gen Chinese School T-shirt Design Contest The Hua Gen Chinese is hosting a T-Shirt design contest for the school year 2018-2019.  The T-shirt design contest is open to all current Chinese school students. Students in all grade levels are invited to create an original design.  The T-shirt design contest will start on Sept. 3rd, and end on 20th, and the winning design will be chosen by Student Council and announced by Sept. 22. The winner will receive a Bluetooth Speaker and his/her design will be used for the Hua Gen Chinese school uniform for the UF  Homecoming parade and Hua Gen Chinese New Year Party volunteer uniform.    Guidelines for the T-shirt Design ●        T-shirt fabric can be almost any color ...
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  • 2018秋季学期即将开学(2018 FALL Registration August 18) 各位家长好!华根中文学校将于8月18号开学。以下是几项通知:1)请大家尽早网上报名,以便于我们做班级调整。2)新学期增设手工,音乐,书法,成人瑜伽,成人书法,古筝课程。3)具体信息请查收邮件。没有收到邮件的家长请发email到info@huagen.org咨询。谢谢!
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  • Joey's Wings Zumba Fundraiser As we all know Ping is an amazing instructor. Come to join us! Fun guaranteed! Only $10 registration fee (which will go into the Joey's Wings Foundation). More donations are welcome and appreciated!Please pay at (click on "donation" button Or you can pay on site with cash or check (payable to Joey's Wings). More background of Joey's Wings can be read on:世界上第一个使用PD1免疫疗法的孩子, 他的名字叫土土If you would like to bring snacks, please use the following link to sign up ( or just send a message via WeChat in Zumba with Ping! group or Hua-Gen Chinese School group
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  • FUNctional Mathematics in PK Young For Students entering Grades 1-7, FUNctional Mathematics is offered this summer at P.K. Yonge.  The program is set up to ensure the success of students as they progress through increasingly complex math.  The format is both structured and active, and is designed to show that math can be involving and enjoyable, and that success can be achieved as skills and understandings deepen.  Depending on the instructional level, children will rotate through the different components of the program. Please check the attached file for detail.
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