• Interview with Principal Dai of Huagen Chinese School Interviewed by: Annie ZhaoWritten by: Annie Zhao Rachel XuRecorded by: Jennifer Fu4/7/19On April 7, I interviewed Principal Dai to better understand his profession, talk about his passion, Chinese culture, the Chinese school, and life lessons. Principal Dai is the first candidate I have interviewed, and I found that he is a very open-minded, open-hearted person who contributes great efforts to his community. His focus is on serving the community through his ways, being a parent, adviser, and principal. Through him, I learned pieces of information that tied into my life. It was truly wonderful to be able to interview Principal Dai. He is a very bright person with strong leadership skills ...
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  • 2018-2019 HUAGEN CHINESE SCHOOL Yearbook CONTENT: The 2018-2019 yearbook includes the students’ writing, pictures, prefaces from teachers, etc. Pictures include day-to-day school activities, the Spring Festival Performance, and many others. This 2018-2019 yearbook will be amazing! You can keep the memories in this brand new yearbook that’s coming up! TEACHER NOTICE:             Teachers must submit all pictures, writing pieces, statements, etc. to the google drive by Saturday, April 20, 2019 PRICE: $25!
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  • Portable Library Design Winner Purpose: The Portable Library Design Contest was a contest among Huagen Chinese School students to create a design of a portable library.   After Student Association members judged all the entries, we have determined two winners. All the designs were very creative and well-thought, but this year’s winners had extremely innovative ideas that would be good for Huagen Chinese School.   Winners: Mia Zhou (First grade, First class) Eric Diao (Ninth Grade)   Congratulations to the winners! Their respective Chinese classes classes will receive a pizza party on May 11th. 
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  • Huagen Chinese School 2018 - 2019 Yearbook Pre-order Form The Huagen Chinese School 2018 - 2019 Yearbook has picture of all classes including art, soccer, and much more. This pre-order form will guarantee you a Yearbook when we distribute them during the graduation ceremony on May 18, 2019.  Please download and fill the attached form to pre-order a Yearbook.   The cost: $25   Name:______________________ Amount of Money Enclosed (cash or check payable to Huagen Chinese School) :______________ Number of Yearbooks:_____Contact Information (please give form to homeroom teacher or email to Phone number:_____________________ Email:_______________________
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  • Joey's Wings Zumba Fundraiser As we all know Ping is an amazing instructor. Come to join us! Fun guaranteed! Only $10 registration fee (which will go into the Joey's Wings Foundation). More donations are welcome and appreciated!Please pay at (click on "donation" button Or you can pay on site with cash or check (payable to Joey's Wings). More background of Joey's Wings can be read on:世界上第一个使用PD1免疫疗法的孩子, 他的名字叫土土If you would like to bring snacks, please use the following link to sign up ( or just send a message via WeChat in Zumba with Ping! group or Hua-Gen Chinese School group
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