• Introduction to Math Modeling (July 19-30) The two-week course is designed to give students a general understanding of math modeling. This course will demonstrate how math is used to solve everyday problems and aims to enrich students’ understanding of math as a tool rather than just a subject in school. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage students to study more advanced mathematics by showing them its various applications. The course will also help prepare students for math modeling competitions such as HiMCM and MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge.Classes will be held during July 19-30 Monday through Friday 3:30-4:30 PM EDT.Cost for each student will be $80. All proceeds will be donated to two non-profit organizations, Joey's Wings ...
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  • Huagen Coding Competition
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  • 2020-2021 Hua Gen Chinese School 2nd Photograph Contest                               2020-2021 Hua Gen Chinese School                                        2nd Photograph ContestThe Huagen Chinese is hosting a second photography contest for the January- March 2021. The photography contest is open to all current Chinese school students. Students in all grade levels are invited to submit their original photos. The photography contest will start on January 11th and end on the March 20th. Photos will be voted by Huagen Student Association and the top 3 photos will be posted on Facebook, first place will be placed on the yearbook.   Guideline for the contest l  Photos can be any type but must be relevant to Chinese New Year/春节. l  Photos are encouraged to use mobile phones rather than professional camera. l  Photos ...
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  • Math in Games Strategy & Invention Sat, Nov.13, 4pm;Veteran Memorial Park Shelter #1
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  • 甘城抗新冠捐款捐赠活动 非常感谢大家积极发起并参与甘城的抗新冠的捐款捐赠活动。我们生活在甘城,这里就是我们第二家乡。现在家乡有紧急需要,挺身而出尽心尽力帮助是我们中华民族的美德。在目前的特殊时期,这个活动对我们华人在甘城的形象非常重要。现在把过去一天里的情况汇报给大家:首先了解Shands医院和门诊的口罩紧缺情况,联系到了医院口罩测试,并已经把N95样品递交给口罩测试的人,测试结果大约周一出来。另外,已经收集到十几家大家引荐的口罩厂家和公司,现在大家协调分工,联系挑选出质量可靠,出货安全的口罩厂家。当然最重要的是,一天之内,我们就已经收到129位捐赠人的两万三千多美金。整个捐款过程由华根中文学校会计团队设立专用账户,帮助统计监督。另外,此次活动的公告图案和社会媒体宣传也在进行中。诚请大家积极参与。以后每天都会有更新公布这次善捐的进展程度。我们的目标是筹款三万左右,以便从不同的厂家购买大约4万个一次性口罩和少量N95。请大家继续捐款并扩散这次活动(捐款链接。感谢大家的参与!如有建议,请联系我们。
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